How about BAT? How to mine BAT attention coins?

  • By bitcoincasts
  • November 16, 2022

It is reported that how about BAT? How to mine BAT attention coins? BAT is a ERC-20 based token designed to reward users and advertisers through tokens. Users watch advertisements and receive rewards according to such activities, and then reward content creators according to their attention. The token of user attention through BAT is also known as "attention economy". The BAT reward received by users can only be used on the privacy centered Brave Web browser. By default, Brave blocks third-party advertising and trackers, and can integrate with Tor browser. BAT is also used to advertise in the Brave browser and prompt relevant content. Although you do not need to use Brave browser for BAT transactions, Brave browser can fully release the power of BAT tokens. If you only want to trade or hold BAT tokens, you can also operate on the coin security.

How to mine BAT attention coins?

The mining method of BAT tokens is especially to let users see advertisements. To put it simply, the system will send the BAT token to the user as a reward when you spend your attention (that is, waste time) watching advertisements and high-quality content with the Brave browser.

In this way, the relationship between users and advertisers is coordinated, creating a win-win situation. Advertisers' advertising viewing rate is improved, and high-quality content gets higher reading rate. In order to get BAT token rewards, users reduce their resistance to advertising.

The founder of Brendan Eich created the Brave browser based on blockchain technology in order to change the pain point of low efficiency of traditional advertising and poor online experience. Brave browser has the characteristics of open source, privacy, and can block all kinds of advertisements. It does not need to consume extra traffic on advertisements.

Brave Browser introduced a new concept in its design - attention. It uses the ANONIZE algorithm to monitor users' content preferences and quantify them in the unit of "attention" by how much time they spend on different types of websites. In addition, a decentralized blockchain system is embedded in the browser's underlying code. And the ERC20 token issued by Brave Browser through crowdfunding is BasisAttentionToken, also known as BAT.

How about attention coins?

BAT aims to solve the broken digital advertising market. BAT is a ERC20 standard token built on Ethereum. It will become a new, decentralized, open source and efficient trading unit based on blockchain digital advertising platform. In the ecosystem, advertisers will provide the publishers with BAT tokens according to the users' concerns. Participating users will also receive BAT token rewards. They can donate them to the advertising platform or use them on the platform themselves.

This transparent system will protect the privacy of user data while providing a small number of advertisements with higher relevance. Advertising publishers can reduce the probability of being cheated while increasing the proportion of their rewards. Advertisers can also get better reports and effects. The first part of the solution, the Brave browser, is ready to run. Brave is a fast, open source, privacy oriented browser that can prevent intrusive advertising and trackers, and includes a ledger system that can anonymously measure user attention to accurately reward publishers. The next step is to introduce the BAT token mechanism.

Brave is more than just a browser: it can protect the data on your device and synchronize your personal private browser configuration between different devices after client encryption. We study and abstract the data on your device through machine learning, provide you with privacy and anonymity options, and compensate for your attention. Brave Browser removes all third-party trackers and intermediaries, eliminates data leakage, malware risk and overcharge. Brave browser does this while providing publishers with a much larger share of revenue than the current inefficient and opaque market.

Brave Browser aims to redesign the web ecosystem based on online advertising and provide a win-win solution for advertisers, publishers and customers. Its components and protocols can become the future web standard.

The degree of project performance is good, with a large number of addresses holding currency, 68000; Blockchain online transfer is very active, with a total of 428900 transfers; Raising an ETH equivalent to 35 million US dollars within 30 seconds has a very high degree of project recognition; It has the advantages of fast loading, free open source, low bandwidth overhead, high security, etc; Cooperate with famous companies such as Dow Jones, Washington Post, etc.  



Speaking of this, I believe that after reading the above content, it will be easier for you to understand how to mine BAT attention coins. In fact, mining BAT coins is very simple, but most of the other digital currency mining costs a lot. Before mining, you need to spend a lot of money to buy some mining equipment.