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10 best money making games with cryptocurrency and NFT rewards

  • By Blockchain expert
  • February 15, 2023

In recent years, the game, encouraged by blockchain technology and also known as P2E, has become a mainstream and key part of most metaverse concepts. Each platform has its own digital currency method to pay for the time and capital investment of online game players. One of the main reasons money-making games are so popular is to get real gold while having fun. Building an NFT is another property that can make money.

What is a good money game?

This kind of play for money game offers different features, from reward types (such as data encryption and NFT) to game independent innovation.

1.AxieInfinity: NFT trades and battles forged with Ethereum

According to "Trading Combat Game Money Making Game," this trading combat game is based on "Axies' forged NFT in Ethereum where players can collect, breed, feed, resist and trade with other online customers. There are many different types of Axies to choose from, and the customization probabilities are endless. When players fight other users and win, they earn SmoothlovePotion tokens that can be sold for AxieinfinityShard tokens, which are also an important and easy-to-use token in the game.

According to ActivePlay, Axieinfinity has around 468 monthly customers and 805, up from less than 2.78 million in January, according to Cointelegraph, before the current data encryption. As of Dec. 15, the price of SmoothLovePotion had dropped 99.42% to $0.0024 from a record high of $0.42, according to Coinbase.

However, Axieinfinity has a loyal international following. It boosted the crypto-asset-based digital economy in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Vietnam, before the bear market in digital currency stocks hit. What's the next guess on Axieinfinity? If you believe strongly in the future of the game and the NFT, this might be a good opportunity to keep moving forward.

2.Decentraland: Virtual Reality technology, 3D world architecture design

Decentraland is a virtual reality technology platform that allows players to build their own 3D worlds, purchase land resources, and develop and design on the platform. Once a player has purchased the land resource, they can use it to create everything they like -- from developing a standalone game to opening an online store. Players can also pay other users and maintain their land resources while offline.

To use decentraland widely, players need an Ethereum wallet to purchase and store the platform's MANA currency. Then you can start participating in the platform.

3. Alien worlds: Capture NFT aliens, explore and excavate objects

AlienWorlds is a futuristic sci-fi adventure game with a very simple premise: play, dig for coins and optimize to create a hands-on experience. It closely revolves around the NFT alien species, which the player can capture and use to explore or find different objects. The more a player improves, the better his chances of winning.

AlienWorlds game official digital currency called Alienworlds, trading code TLM. Players can use TLM tokens to trade NFT with other players or to get combat missions. Players must mine special monetary instruments, land, and TLM savings.

4. Sandbox games: Build and explore

This distributed ledger game allows users to build, manipulate, and survive in its small fantasy world. Users who play Thesandbox can buy loan tokens in SAND games to build houses or ancient castles, or perform daily tasks to earn large amounts of tokens. Thesandbox combines imagination, solution and survivability to encourage players to actively develop platforms and trade NFT. The bigger the item the player builds, the better they can do it.

5.ZedRun: NFT Jockey Club

Zedrun is a money-making game for horse racing that allows users to manage different types of mounts (as NFT) that they can trade and pay for with other players on the platform. Customers can also cultivate new mounts or update it, making them more and more powerful.

In this money-for-play game, users can race horses to earn rewards. Each horse has its strengths and weaknesses, and players can update them to make it easier to win. They can also make money by betting on other players.

Zedrun recently launched its Zed token on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. According to CoinMarketCap, the token will become an important tool and in-game currency. The token was worth about 11 cents when it was released in July. The current price is $0.0265. After the original allocation of 7 percent of the 1 billion token fixed supply, the rest will be released within four years.

6.BlankosBlockParty: Platform platform for small game rave party

BlankosBlockParty is a multiplayer gathering platform where users can play mini-games and achieve the goal of collecting in-game credit moola or MLA. Customers can also buy BlankoBucks with their bank credit card.

In this game, Partner Art masters create a unique property known as Blankos, which is an NFT that provides unique powers in the game. The player can buy, sell, and pay for his Blankos for different benefits. BlankosBlockParty is considered one of the best "money making games," allowing users to earn NFT while having fun and allowing him to change their tokens to other digital currencies via external exchanges.

While the main supply of MLA coins is 74,000, there is no information on how many MLA coins are in circulation as of Dec 15. On that day, one MLA coin was worth $0.0035.

7. Gods get rid of: Gods with unique superpowers fight each other

This distributed ledger money making game allows users to collect NFT cards for healthy competition. The game revolves around powerful beings called "gods," each with a unique level. The in-game GODS are good for this type of deck, which can be earned by defeating other players in battle.

8. My DeFi Pet: Pet raising mobile game

The MydeFiPet is a money-making game that plays mobile phone games with household pets. They can trade and pay for these little pets on the game distributed ledger marketplace. They can also create different NFT for his small pet by customizing the pet's characteristics, including hue, leather pattern design, eyes, pattern design style, head shape and wings. The game runs on the Kardiachain and Binance smart chains.

In-game loan currency DPET is suitable for buying or selling NFT on the game's official website. DPET currency can also be used to buy clothes, pants and other food in the market for pet mobile games.

9.StarAtlas: Big planets, planets and other cosmic exploration and NFT trading

Staratlas is a meteorology-based NFT that allows users to explore the universe and buy and sell large planets, planets and other objects. Each large planet or planet has unique characteristics that make them different in the game. Players can also discover new worlds around this virtual planet at lightning-fast speeds.

The game that blockchain technology encourages depends on two tokens: ATLAS, which acts as a good token in the game, and POLIS, which is a change token. The player can earn POLIS by pledging his ATLAS token.

10.CryptoBlades: A role-playing game in the Binance Smart chain

Cryptoblades is a role-playing game-style NFT game that was released on Binance Smart Chain in April 2021. The player first purchases SKILL tokens, the game's original loan coin. They use their expertise to buy characters and to buy and forge weapons. Winning battles against enemies earns players more expertise, and they can acquire, sell, or buy large amounts of game property on the secondary market.