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Web 3.0 Marketing: The Marketing Revolution and its Impact

  • By Blockchain enthusiasts
  • February 16, 2023

Technology has a big impact on the way we develop our markets. When we look at marketing specifically, there have been three waves of technology during this time :Web2.0, social networking, and now Web3.0.

Web1.0 is all about static information pages (text and graphics).

Then came Web2.0, and everything became more and more interactive, with the advent of the social network Internet, where you could start a blog, an article and interact with a Facebook post. What's next?

Internet 3.0. Decentralize the Internet.

What is Internet 3.0? How did we all get here?

Now it's time to meet the future of the Internet. Web3.0 is often referred to as the next generation of Internet and network protocols, and many new trends are expected to have a significant impact on the development of enterprises and society.

So, Web3. What is Web11? What happened to.0 and 2.0?

The first wave of big data was Web1.0, which originated in 1994 and was completed in 2000. WWWW is the first stage in the development trend of the main characteristics of static web pages (WorldWideWeb).

Web2.0 is the second phase of Big Data, which refers to user-generated content and dedicated UX websites.

Web2. Reforms have affected the form of interactive communication and consumption records.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are growing in popularity, while mobile apps such as Instagram make it easier and easier to browse data in motion.

Web2.0 focuses on the level of connectivity to the network computer cloud server.

Web3.0 or Web3 is the next generation of the Internet. It involves semantic Web technology and artificial intelligence.

Web3.0 is undoubtedly the last improvement of the Web business process. It is an interactive and social platform based on Web2.0 and an information platform based on Web1.0.

Web3.0 is an upgraded version of Web2.0, which is characterized by creating an unreal world on the internal structure of the network through web virtual mall system and other websites, so that consumers can interact with each other for shopping.

Web3.0 provides not only personalization, but also semantic networking, providing information content architecture and making it easier to value and share data between program processes and community street businesses.

"The Semantic Web is not a separate Internet, but an extension of the current web. Information content gives definition and enables computers to work better with people." - Tim Berners-Lee

The technology will allow information distribution and online personal privacy operations, and provide a method for sharing resources.

What is Web3.0 marketing Promotion? How will Web3.0 affect business processes?

Web3 marketing is a careful look at developing trends and new technologies to explore web concepts.

It's not just evolving; It is changing the way it thinks about big data. Web3. Marketing is more than just a website or SEO optimization (SEO).

Web3.0 provides rich interactive advertising opportunities based on natural environments that can improve the customer experience. This is a benefit for salespeople because they can now promote more targeted ads to users.

With Web3, salespeople will be able to provide more effective countermeasures and advertising for their products.


They can browse many different data sources, which will influence his purchasing decisions.

Web3. High-end advertising Marketing Customer experience levels enable salespeople to enter a new world full of advertising and business model innovation.

Main features of Web3.0/Web3 marketing promotion

Semantic Web (SW)

As mentioned above, the Semantic Web will enable computers to communicate more effectively with people.

SW will use metadata to describe the content in a way that is readable by the device.

Artificial intelligence technology (AI)

Relying on natural Language understanding (NLP) technology in Web3.0, which helps computers understand and interpret and control human language, computers will become more like humans, better understand the data provided, and then provide the most accurate and fastest solutions and responses.

Be everywhere

Ubiquitous means "ubiquitous, occurring, or found." The Oxford Dictionary.

Web3.0 is everywhere; Everyone, every device, and every app can browse it.

Because the Internet of Things (IoT) is ubiquitous, the total number of mechanical devices transferred to big data is increasing every day.

Government procurement process

Decentralization is the key to Web3.0. As we mentioned before, Web3.0 is often referred to as the decentralized Internet or Semantic Internet.

So what is decentralization?

In Web2.0, computers use the HTTP protocol to identify information stored on some part server (usually a separate web server).

In Web3.0, information content will be stored in several parts at once, not just in one location.

Therefore, there is no core of data storage.

What's the use of diversification? In this way, there would be no huge database held by a single organization.

With the characteristics of Web3.0 decentralization, there will be:

There is no chemical intermediate

With the advent of blockchain technology, Web3. Provides a unique opportunity to adjust the value of its data and directly mutual goods without the need for intermediaries.

The decentralized nature of most social platforms makes them vulnerable to data leakage and information control.

Data access is an integral part of a truly free Internet.

There is no risk of server failure

Because there is no central server, there is no risk of server failure, which confuses many centralized Web services projects (such as Google and Facebook).

The government procurement process also opens the door to basic personal privacy by allowing me to own my personal data, rather than a holding company, and sell it to advertisers.

No data theft

Data theft in Web2.0, if you store your data in the cloud, then in many cases you will be the scapegoat.

The more concentrated our digital daily lives become, the more vulnerable people are to these expectations to use their data to achieve their destination.

No outside authority is required

The customer does not need external rights to query his data. This will improve users' security and privacy as they will not need to send personal information to third parties.


In the future, people will be increasingly attracted to three-dimensional design because it helps us understand more easily than two-dimensional design.

In addition, due to the rapid development of Web3.0, more and more applications choose 3D design, such as virtual reality technology (VR), augmented reality technology (AR), 3D commodity data visualization and so on.

The importance of blockchain technology in Web3.0 marketing

Blockchain is a rapidly evolving technology that is changing the state of everyone's lives once again. In fact, many believe it will be as disruptive as the Internet technology itself.

Blockchain technology adds a new set of escalation questions and tests for salespeople, so understanding what it is, what its benefits are, and how to better take advantage of this valuable opportunity is vital in your business.


Blockchain technology aims to solve centralized systems, build open ecosystems, and rebuild the digital marketing industry.

Blockchain technology also provides data security and data decentralization for Web3.0.

Without any intermediary company, you will communicate directly with the client. In addition, the customer will use blockchain technology to manipulate the personal privacy of the data, as he ensures the transparency and security of the data according to the distributed accounting method.

It's an expertise in recording and verifying sales that can be applied to basically anything trustworthy -- from money to the real estate industry to medical records. As a result, blockchain technology could change marketing as we know it today.

Therefore, it can be said that the importance of blockchain technology in Web3.0 marketing is conducive to making it more efficient and transparent.

In addition, the decentralization of blockchain technology helps make Web3.0 marketing more transparent and seemingly tamper-proof.

How to prepare your famous brand in advance for Web3.0 marketing promotion?

A marketing revolution will take place.

I see signs and measures of it -- remember, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and she's investing in Metaverse. In addition, Square recently changed its name to Block to focus on digital currencies. -

Web3.0 is the latter evolution of the Web, where website information is connected to users using seamless patchwork pages and communications.

This integration enables companies to browse across all devices and display sizes through instant data sharing, providing a more personalized feel.

How should your company be affected by the Web3.0 wave?

Because of the decentralized structure, the company will be relatively user oriented and completely transparent.

The user will be able to control his data and personal privacy.

Business managers must choose blockchain technology to ensure full transparency and open browsing of data.

Find ways to follow the Web3.0 market:

This is not a day to be behind The Times. You have to make serious business decisions, keep the future in mind, and keep innovating.

Try to get 3D property based on your territory. - If you are engaged in retail e-commerce, please try to build a 3D model or virtual reality technology store.

Build concrete content - Add NFT:

As a salesperson, you pay close attention to content production - follow through!

So far, there are no guidelines for this new age of marketing promotion. However, we all know that NFT is going to be a big part of the digital marketing industry in the future because it's already started!

There is a huge NFT community (such as CryptoPunks) and you may not miss the opportunity to include your well-known brand in it.

All this may seem a little scary to you -- I get it. But think of it as a new way to connect with customers in the local community.

Web3.0 and social networking

Social networks have been in a state since their inception and are still growing steadily.

Facebook and YouTube ranked first among customers.

They revolutionize the form of interactive communication and introduce many features to improve the user experience.

Web3.0 adds an exciting twist to social marketing.

For example, decentralized applications called daps are coming, and because of the decentralized structure of Web3.0, there will be no decentralized management of customer data -- the user will be in control!

Web3 marketing is a strategic partnership about building valuable connections with your customers and setting profits for everyone involved. It's time for companies to stop treating customers as database file data. On the other hand, everyone is looking for the same thing as you.