How to dig dog coins with mobile phones? How to mine dog coins with iPhone?

  • By bitcoincasts
  • December 16, 2022

How do dogs dig with mobile phones? There are several differences in the mining process between dog coin and other coins. Like Lite Coin, Doggie Coin uses the Scrypt algorithm. Since they are so close in design, mining them is also feasible. The Scrypt algorithm used by Doggie Coin means that mining consumes very little electricity. This article will show you how to use your mobile phone to mine dog coins.

1、 How to mine dog coins on iPhone?

To start mining dog coins on the iPhone, you need to prepare something.

1. Dog coin mining hardware

It is generally not recommended to mine on the iPhone because this device is small and compact.

The iPhone is an ideal mobile phone for everyone's daily use, but due to insufficient heat dissolution, they are a headache for cryptocurrency mining.

So you need a high-end iPhone with the best chipset.

2. Dog coin mining application for iPhones

The applications are:

1) Nishhach

2)Hive OS


4)DOGE Miner

3. Mining pit

The following are some excellent densified ore pools:

1) Hash

2) Multi pool

4. Crypto wallet

The miner must get a gold coin purse to start mining. After you reach the minimum payment amount, you can use it to store all dog coin rewards.

2、 The way to mine dog coins with mobile phones

Here's how to mine dog coins on iPhone:

1. Get high-end iPhone for mining process

2. Set up your iPhone device

3. Download and install the required software.

4. Join the mining pool and connect your equipment

5. Finally, start mining dog coins

Step 1: Prepare a high-end iPhone for the mining process

Mining dog coins or any cryptocurrency on the iPhone is an intensive task that requires capable equipment. In order to handle mining operations perfectly, please ensure that your iPhone runs on at least 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM devices and quad core processing chips. In addition, before mining, ensure that the battery capacity and battery health of mobile phones are very good.

Step 2: Set up your iPhone device

To ensure that your iPhone device works best for mining operations, you need to make some adjustments to your settings.

Background application refresh First, disable the low power consumption mode from the battery settings. Also, enable background application refresh in Settings>General. Finally, enable automatic download in App Store>Settings.

Step 3: Download and install the required software

In order to start mining dog coins, you need to install the appropriate mining software: as we discussed above. Check your app store and search for these apps. For paid, you can navigate to their website and subscribe to the mining pool if you subscribe.

Step 4: Add the mining pool and connect your equipment

Register in a mining pool that meets your needs and needs a frequency compatible with your equipment capabilities, and then use that account to mine dog coins. The payment address for dog coin mining must be registered in your mining pool account to receive your income.

Step 5: start mining dog coins

After completing the above steps, your mine's dashboard or application will display your hash rate, revenue and payment. Depending on the pool you choose, you can immediately transfer your dog coins to your own wallet.


The above content is an introduction to the tutorial of mining dog coins with mobile phones. The profit you can make from mining dog coins usually depends on many factors. One of them is your mining equipment and software. Generally speaking, mining is perfect on high-end PC equipment. As a result, using mobile devices like the iPhone can achieve minimal profits. In addition, it will also make your equipment hot, causing subsequent damage. Even if you use powerful high-end equipment, you also need to consider electricity, equipment and software as the cost of starting mining operations.