What is Helium? How does HNT mine?

  • By bitcoincasts
  • December 13, 2022

If you have studied digital currency, you must know that one way to obtain digital currency is through mining. The most popular mining method is to use mobile phones to mine. Do you know that Wifi can also be used to mine? Today I want to share with you that Helium mining uses Wifi to mine. So, what exactly is Helium? How does HNT mine? Next, let's have a look.

What is Helium?

Helium is a new method to explore virtual currency. It uses the electromagnetic wave mining of the Internet of Things, which is the solution of blockchain+Internet of Things, and has a wide range of landing applications. Helium is a decentralized wireless network. It is a point-to-point wireless network established for the connection and interworking of energy-saving IoT devices and the Internet. It aims to provide an open, large-scale global wireless network coverage for IoT devices that apply LoRaWAN standards. Simplify connections such as IoT devices and sensors by establishing wireless operator networks. According to a machine similar to a WiFi router, called a "hotspot", log in to the APP for corresponding settings, and then connect one end to the traditional Internet with a network cable. The other end is attached to the window of your home or placed on the roof of your house according to the antenna. This can create a "base station" low power network (LoRaWAN) with a coverage of several kilometers that can be connected to IoT devices.

In short, Helium is a project of blockchain+Internet of Things, and HNT is its ecological token. Customers can purchase Hotspot (the hardware hotspot in Helium network) to provide signal coverage for nearby IoT devices, and then join in the network construction and obtain HNT currency.

Helium network mining has the following advantages:

1. HNT mining equipment has low environmental conditions, and the network is not affected by the surrounding environment. Mining can be opened at home and in the office.

2. Helium hotspot is compact and light, similar to a home router, so it consumes very little energy and saves the cost of network miners. There is almost no subsequent equipment maintenance cost.

3. The operation is simple. As long as the authorized mining machine synchronizes its position, the network can be added for mining.

4. No complicated miner setting is required. It is believed that driven by technology, a vast sea of coal industry will be exploited in the near future. Our suggestion is to deploy three or more hot spots within 300 hot spots, so that hot spots can participate in PoC to gain more profits.

How does HNT mine?

The specific mining steps of HNT are as follows:

1. Purchase HNT mining equipment;

2. Connect the network cable and antenna of the mining equipment, and then place the equipment near the window without metal screen and other objects blocking it;

3. Download the official hotspot APP: Helium Hotspot. The download link is as follows: , you need to download it through the Google play store;

4. Go to the APP, set up the wallet, verify the mnemonics, and properly save the mnemonics. Set the login PIN code;

5. Set the hotspot Hostspot and find the device type for matching. Because there are many kinds of devices, the matching method may be different. See the matching operation guide for each device for details;

6. Select the machine you want to match, and then start scanning to find your own Wifi hotspot to connect.

In order to ensure more lasting profitability and higher output, we need to pay attention to some details:

1. Use a more powerful antenna.

2. Be sure to keep the mining machine line. To ensure a better network standard, it is better to use wired network connection or stable WiFi.

3. The hotspot should be installed in a wide and high position. It is recommended to place it in front of the window to ensure a better network standard. It is better to use a wired network connection or a stable Wifi.

4. The distance between hot spots must be more than 300 meters to get the witness reward. Considering the density of urban buildings, the best distance between hot spots should be 500-1000 meters. If the installation mode is excellent, the coverage area can also reach several kilometers. In fact, this part is constrained by many complicated requirements, and it is difficult to have an accurate answer. You can use your hands-on ability to try and optimize more.

5. In the Helium browser, the device indicates that the situation is "delayed", which can be adjusted in the form of port mapping. If there is no technical standard, it can still maintain this state, which has limited impact on the reward.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of what Helium is and how HNT mines. In general, Helium presents a new model for building wireless network infrastructure. Through the introduction of monetary incentives, miners and other participants bear the initial construction costs, assist in building networks and transmitting data, and they may get excess returns in the future. This model has promoted the rapid development of Helium, and has a trend of continuous expansion.